Alexander Kosenkov


Alexander Kosenkov was born in the Far East in 1959. Participates in art exhibitions from 1995. Member of the Union of artists of Russia, art union Comradeship "Free Culture" (St. Petersburg), Creative Union of Artists of Russia (IFA). Works are in the collections of Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta, St. Petersburg State Museum Tsarskoselskaya Kollectsiya, Museum of Non-Conformist Art (St. Petersburg); art museums of Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Novokuznetsk, Tyumen; Krasnoyarsk Museum Center; Gallery of the House of Scientists (Akademgorodok), Novosibirsk; private collections in Russia and abroad. Since 2012 lives and works in St. Petersburg.

The nature of Kosenkov's painting is based on the dense and sonorous mixes of French art and Russian avant-garde, on the poetics of "Jack of diamonds" on the free picturesque St. Petersburg romantic expressionism, born in the postwar environment of the Leningrad underground. We do not choose the place and time of birth, but we can then find and recognize ourselves. In his early youth, the mathematician Kosenkov found himself an artist. Features of the St. Petersburg style in the work of Kosenkov instilled artist Natalia Chizhik, who came from Leningrad to Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. The young student Kosenkov, her pupil, identified these traits as his own. Already in his early paintings, there was a consonance with the St. Petersburg art group "Mitki". After the first collective exhibition as part of the creative "Association of free artists named "Bathing the Red Horse" K. Petrov-Vodkin" in St. Petersburg at the legendary place, in the hall at Pushkin-10, Kosenkov was invited to the Association of artists "Free culture". Almost simultaneously, he was admitted to the Union of artists of Russia. Kosenkov is an actively exhibited artist. His exhibitions were held not only in the main cities of Siberia, but also in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgium, Germany, Finland. Only in 2012, his solo exhibitions were held in the Kino Gallery (Moscow), the Erarta Museum (St. Petersburg), New York, Zurich, London.