Lidia Kuprina Gallery  was founded in 2007. Since the foundation of the gallery, it presents the works of such outstanding artists as Mikhail Scheglov and Boris Chetkov.

Later in the gallery collection appeared the works of the pillars of St. Petersburg avant-garde - Felix Volosenkov and Vyacheslav Mikhailov, the legendary Yuri Kryakvin and Yuri Cooper.

The basis of the collection consists of works by artists of the Leningrad (later St. Petersburg) school from the 1950s-1970s to the present day. Along with paintings, the gallery has an excellent collection of graphics that can interest the most demanding art connoisseurs.

A certified art historian will provide expert assistance in the selection of works.
Framing shop
The framing workshop is well-known among Petersburgers and guests of our city.

A unique collection of baguette has about three thousand samples. Huge selection of passepartout. Professional designers will help in the design of paintings and graphic works, photographs, mirrors, maps and art objects.